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BrainSonix has developed and intends to manufacture and market a medical device platform based on the Company’s proprietary Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound Pulse (“LIFUP”) technology to modulate the brain function non-invasively without any harmful or irreversible effects on the brain and body.
Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound Pulse, LIFUP, brain neuromodulation, deep brain stimulation, Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Alexander Bystritsky, Woody Wurster, Mark Schafer, Alex Korb, BrainSonix, John Marlow
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Recent Press


 July 2019- Breakthrough designation for Coma Study. 

August 2019- Breakthrough award from OCD Foundation awarded to MGH and Baylor.

December 2020- Safety study on 8 TR epilepsy subjects is completed and submitted.

July 2020- 510 DeNovo – Most likely for Brainsonix Device.

July 2020- Pivotal trial for coma indication about to start.

Anxiety/amygdala suppression submitted to Science by UCLA researchers.

Device is installed MGH (Harvard)-2 devices, MUSC, UCLA – 2 devices, Brown University, Providence VA, Stanford, Palo Alto VA, Dell Medical School, Baylor College of Medicine UTX, Santa Monica Neurological Associates.

PTSD study is about to start in Stanford, Palo Alto VA and Brown U, Providence VA about to embark on the PTSD and TBI study.

One Mind Rising Star Award- Greg Fonzo, MD

Dr. Fonzo will be using our Brainsonix device to study anxiety circuits of the brain.